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Grease Guns

Grease Guns are used to transfer liquid and lubricate a designated spot through a specific opening. They are traditionally used in garages and workshops mainly on grease fittings. These openings are often close fitting to a receiving aperture normally on mechanical devices where the grease is channeled by the gun to the grease nipple where lubrication is often required. Grease guns can be divided into three main categories. The first type of grease gun is the hand- powered type. This works by the hand pulling the guns trigger and thus forcing the spring device pushing the grease through the desired opening to lubricate the targeted spot.

The second type of grease gun is also hand powered but without a trigger device. Instead this grease gun is operated by the back-pressure that develops by the butt of the grease gun being pushed. This causes a to travel through the frame of the implement forcing grease out of the cavity. The final type of grease gun can be described as air powered or pneumatic. This functions because compressed air is transferred through the gun by hoses. This in turn makes the grease go through the opening and designated spot consequently is lubricated. Pneumatic grease guns are normally considered best practice to work with when working g with a thicker lubricant although this is not a rule and they can be loaded with most types of lubricant that may be required.

Whatever type of grease gun is preferred and whichever type of lubricant is chosen to work with. Grease guns have now established themselves as a reliable product in most professionals and amateurs toolkits in recognition of the fact their invention has made some fiddly, messy and frustrating tasks now easier, cleaner and more straightforward.

To find out how you could benefit from using Grease Guns please contact Lumeter Ltd by calling 0121 544 3090, sending a fax to 0870 716 7198 or visiting our showroom situated at Roway Lane, Oldbury, West Midlands B69 3EJ You will find one of friendly and knowledgeable members of staff will be able to give you guidance on our vast range of products to your satisfaction.

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