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Barrel Pumps

Barrel Pumps are used to move liquids contained in a drum or tank through the connected pump to the location of choice so that they can be stored and used easily at will. Our reliance on the liquids contained by these pumps explains why studies show that pumps are the third most traded product in the world.

Industries that rely on the use of barrel pumps are age oil and petrol industry although dairies, the paint and paper industry are also reliant on these inventions to transfer the liquid matter produced in these trades. One of the most popular reasons for the widespread use of barrel pumps is that they are the safest way to transfer liquids as some liquids being used can be harmful to the skin if contact is made so of course safety gloves goggles etc would be advised when using a barrel pump. They are also a safe option regarding liquid transfer as they can accommodate highly flammable, neutral, thin and corrosive liquids highlighting the advancement and adaptability of the design and product.

The pumps quality of being able to efficiently carry liquid from the barrel to the destined container with minimum mess and effort is not only an advantage in the area of safety but also financially it is of great benefit. Minimum spillage results in minimum waste and therefore less unused liquid that instantly saves money.

Using these pumps also save a lot of time because physically lifting a barrel and pouring a liquid would require at least two workers at least and could use up a lot of minutes through stopping and starting .As there are now variations such as motorised barrel pumps and more streamlined versions this can be avoided due to how easy they are able to make liquid transfer which would otherwise prove to be a difficult time consuming task.

To find out more about Barrel Pumps and any of our other products please contact Lumeter Ltd by calling 0121 544 3090, sending a fax to 0870 716 7198 or visiting our showroom situated at Roway Lane, Oldbury, West Midlands B69 3EJ and one of our specialists will be happy to help you.

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